Placitas Recycling Center

Recycling Made Easy

The Placitas Recycling Center is operated by a community-based nonprofit organization, not by any government entity, and is completely staffed by volunteers. The volunteers depend on help from the community to continue providing this service that is so important to the health of the environment. As a private operation, the Center can only accept items for which there is a recycling market. The Placitas Recycling Center is constantly looking for new markets that enable it to expand the materials accepted for recycling.

Following are a few tips that will make your recycling experience go smoothly and help the volunteers at the Center manage the materials:

  • Make sure the materials you bring are accepted by the Center and in the appropriate condition. For a list of items the Center can and cannot accept, click here.
  • The Placitas Recycling Center is unable to separate materials and depends on recyclers to bring in the materials already separated. Please take the time to separate your materials correctly.
  • One of the biggest challenges the center faces, especially in the summer, is keeping vermin out. You can help by rinsing out cans and plastic bottles. And please, no pizza containers or food-stained cardboard boxes!
  • Please break down and flatten cardboard and chipboard boxes.
  • There one container at the Center for mixed and shredded paper, which includes almost anything except egg cartons, paper towels, napkins, tissues, waxed paper, and stickers
  • The only metals the center can accept are aluminum and tin, including cans, containers, and foil, but not aerosol cans. Again, please rinse off any food.
  • Only plastics that are marked as #1 or #2 are accepted. All #1 and #2 plastics, regardless of color, can be placed in one trailer. Please remove the tops from plastic bottles.
  • Plastic bags are generally not accepted at the Center. Occasionally, the Placitas Elementary School will run a campaign to collect plastic bags. Those events will be publicized at the Center.
  • The Center only accepts both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries but no lead / acid batteries.
  • Other items that can be recycled at the Center include any kind of printer cartridges, bubble wrap, and polystyrene packing peanuts double-bagged and tied off securely. The Center does not accept block polystyrene packing material.
  • The Center is currently not able to accept glass.

Fliers with a more detailed list of the materials that are and are not accepted are also available at the Center.